SEMA 2016 – Four Days Of Automotive Heaven

Published On November 9, 2016 |


SEMA 2016 is done and over, after waiting one long year. This show is the epitome of the aftermarket automotive world where people come from all over the world to be at.

For the Late Model crowd, SEMA did not disappoint. Slews of Late Model performance cars were on display along with the latest and greatest products that had been developed over the last year. We started out our week a little early with a special media event hosted by Chevrolet Performance.

At this event we got to see and personally drive the latest in the Camaro, Cruze, and Colorado product line. The Camaro’s on hand went from the turbo four-cylinder version all the way up to the V8 monsters.


At the Chevrolet Performance booth in Central Hall, they had a great line up of Camaro’s on hand. From the very first 1967 Camaro ever made, all the way up to the record breaking ZL1 Nurburgring Camaro with everything in-between. We caught up with Adrienne Peters who told us about a lot of exciting new products coming out for the 5th and 6th generation Camaros.

The rest of the SEMA show did not disappoint either. We drooled over countless Late Model cars that made us look over and over again. From the manufacture side of things, lots of new products out there to support the Late Model crowd.

For the road racers, Forgeline had a new set of Carbon Fiber hooped wheels. “These new wheels are incredibly strong and rigid, yet are 40 percent lighter than their billet aluminum counterparts,” explained Forgeline President David Schardt. RideTech also released some late model goodness for those with magnetic shocks. Baer brakes launched their new Eradi-Speed rotors, which are a high performance rotor that replaces factory originals. These new ones are directional, with increased cooling vanes, drilled, slotted and two piece. The list of new products goes on and on – which was difficult to see everything over four short days.


No matter where you looked, there was miles of cool vehicles. Every nook and cranny of the halls are stuffed with rad rides to the point that everywhere outside is lined with them as well. Trying to capture them all was quite the challenge!


For now, check out some of our favorite rides from SEMA 2016!

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