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Published On November 15, 2017 |

SEMA Show 2017

The annual SEMA Show has always offered a platform for some of the best builders, painters, and manufacturers to showcase their talents in the automotive industry. This year, the show continued to impress with more muscle car models on the show floor than we’ve seen in the last few years. Check out the awesome late-model muscle we found throughout the SEMA Show grounds below!

For years, the late-model muscle car scene has been on fire. Not only are the vehicles popular among consumers, but industry leaders world wide are stepping up their games and making more and more quality aftermarket components available for the beloved cars. This year’s SEMA Show was ripe with just that, from aesthetic add-ons to performance components.

In year’s past, we’ve seen a large showing of Mustangs, with few other models even coming close to the Ford’s massive show presence. But this year, it was the Camaro that took top honors, not only showing up in force on the show floor but also winning the Hottest Coupe Award, a coveted title that has gone to the Mustang for a number of years now. But the Camaro and Mustang weren’t the only forms of muscle we came across.

Also on the floor, we noticed an increased presence of Mopar muscle, specifically of the Charger and Challenger varieties. When it came to the classics, Mopar definitely had the biggest turnout, so it’s not surprising that the late-model scene followed suit.

With the Big Three continuing to up the ante when it comes to more power, better performance and new looks for their late-model muscle car offerings, we can only wait to see what the automotive aftermarket will come up with next when it comes to our favorite late models. But for now, be sure to scan through our GALLERY of awesome late-models from this year’s SEMA Show below! There are definitely some awesome and unique builds in there!

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